Further Breakdown of Pre Series A
Danielle Morrill

Exploring Deal Volume, New Capital Deployed & Total Capital in Play for Bay Area Startups Who’ve Raised in the Past 12 Months

This is Step 4in an ongoing analysis of how startup funding round “series” names and total lifetime funding amount are becoming more and more disconnected. Read about the initial analysis here and you can find step 2 here and Step 3 here.

The pie chart we arrived at provides a distribution of companies by stage and total lifetime funding bucket, but this is only one way to filter this data and tell a story. Another aspect of the story is the money going into these companies, how it is distributed and how it services prior investments to keep those bets “in the game”.

When we take the original pie chart and then explode it through steps, first to show the distribution of the most recent round of funding and then all lifetime funding, we can see just how dramatically startup investing favors later stage dollars over the past year. This doesn’t show us anything about change over time, so without other analysis we can’t say whether this is a big deal or just par for the course. An idea for the next step ☺

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