Is the Disconnect Between the “Series” Round Name & Total Lifetime Funding Growing?
Danielle Morrill

Normalizing the Data Set

This is Step 2 in an ongoing analysis. Read about the initial step here.

One of the un-fun things about data analysis, even when you are using a tool like Mattermark that pulls together a bunch of data for you, is curating the set to tell a cohesive story. It’s more work, but it’s really important to make apples to apples comparisons.

For the updated graph below, I have removed all the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, energy and clean tech companies. This is important because these companies tend to raise money in different patterns than the classic TMT (tech-media-telecom) internet startups. We could definitely analyse them too, but it is better to seperate them out from our data set.

I made this GIF, to show the difference between the original graph and the new one:

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