Pre-Orders Now Available for “Startup Funding: Historical Analysis 2004–2014"

Today we announced pre-orders are open for our second piece of paid content, which will ship on February 2, 2015.

Pre-order the “Startup Funding: Historical Analysis 2004–2014" for just $5 (or pay-what-you-want).

Read about our previous PWYW experiment here.

What You Can Expect In This Report

Mattermark collects data on more than 1,000,000 of the fastest growing private companies in the world. This report provides a data-driven exploration of startup funding in the United States over the past 10 years.

This in-depth analysis will look at data behind trends like the rise of seed rounds that look like Series As, introduction of micro VC and proliferation of the startup incubator/accelerator model, massive private equity deals replacing IPOs, the changes in timing between rounds, round sizes, geographical distribution of investment and much more.

We will also explore the survival, exit and death rates of startups in different regions, industries and specific investor portfolios.

Understanding how businesses are created, funded, grown and ultimately rewarded with sustainability or an exit helps inform the conversations and actions for the coming years, and it is our hope you will read this report and combine it with your special knowledge of your industry, region, role and community as you charge forward into the New Year.

Click here to pre-order Startup Funding: Historical Analysis 2004–20014 now for just $5 (or pay what you want!)

Thoughts on the Future of Content at Mattermark

With Mattermark’s Series A in the bank I’m thrilled to turn my focus to responsibilities other than fundraising. In 2015, expanding the original content we produce is one key area that will receive a greater amount of my time and investment as CEO. Some will be paid, like our research reports, and other content like the Mattermark Daily newsletter will remain free.

To this end, I’m excited to announce we have two contributing editors joining us in the New Year:

  • Neil S W Murray, who you might recognize from The Nordic Web
  • Daniel M. Harrison, who you might recognize from his Bitcoin publication CoinSpeaker and daily columns with The Motley Fool.

Interestingly, both Neil and Daniel are based outside the United States. Neil is in Europe and Daniel is in Asia. I am looking forward to working closely with them to bring a more global perspective to the disucssion of startups as well as the broad universe of private companies.

The development of our editorial team is made possible by the revenues we received from our first paid report, which now total more than $15,000. I have decided on a simple rule of thumb for how I am going to invest in building our editorial efforts in 2015. For every $1 we make on paid content, I am going to match it in the budget with $2 of Mattermark’s capital. With about $10K per month budgeted for freelance work, that initial $15,000 nets us $45,000 in budget — or 4.5 months of runway for this experiment.

I have not yet decided whether I want to make content into a profitable effort, or simply a high-quality loss leader for our paid SaaS product (which is what many companies including Bloomberg do) but at the very least we have a path forward for funding deep analytical content and building a stable of freelancers in 2015.

We are seeking additional contributing editors.

The ideal candidate will possess some/all of the following qualifications: passionate about startups, experienced with blogging, has invested in startups or worked for a VC firm, writes for credible publications on relevant topics, or has performed in-depth research and analysis in pursuit of an advanced degree in Business, Economics or Journalism.

Please get in touch by emailing

Don’t forget to grab our latest report on the past 10 years of startup investoring.

Pre-order the “Startup Funding Historical Analysis 2004–2014"

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